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EDC-2 Arc Lighter Flashlight Combo

EDC-2 Arc Lighter Flashlight Combo

EDC-2 Arc Lighter Flashlight Combo

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What is the number #1 thing you need if you get lost in a survival situation.

The most essential item for survival in the wilderness is a reliable source of light And Now You Can Have The Next Generation Of Fire Starting Technology At Your Fingertips

Imagine going on a day trip and a heavy storm rolls in. The wind ripping through your clothes as it starts to pour down rain. Now its Dark and your starting to feel a chill trembling through your body.

You need a fire and fast! First, you pull out your soaked matches to no avail. Second, you reach for that cheap plastic lighter you bought from the dollar store as your your thumb moves the striker you feel a sense of victory but no spark. The fear you may be here overnight without a fire, cold, dark, and wet enters your mind...

Wait! You remember you bought a handy little survival lighter from a ad you seen and with a simple push of a button a electric inferno starts the life saving fire you so desperately need. Feel the warmth as it dries your clothes also providing you heat and protection throughout the night.

While this story is a bit extreme it happens every day across the world. 

You should always keep multiple ways of starting a fire to keep you safe. 


  • Waterproof so you can rest assure if you end up in the lake or heavy rain you will always have a light to stay warm or cook your food. 
  • Windproof so you can light a fire or smoke even in hurricane force winds. 

  • Rechargeable so you never have to buy another cheap lighter again saving you hundreds of dollars. 
  • Duel Plasma Arch means no flame so you will never have to worry about burnt finger tips again. 
  • Super bright flashlight so you will always have a backup and never have to worry about being left in the dark again. 

  • Over 300 lights per charge so you can go about your day knowing you will always have a light. 
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