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EDC-3 P38 Can Opener ( 4-Pack )

EDC-3 P38 Can Opener ( 4-Pack )

EDC-3 P38 Can Opener ( 4-Pack )

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" The Military's 2nd Greatest Invention " The John Wayne P-38

It’s the end of the world as we know it. You can tell by all the canned food stock piling up in kitchen cabinets.

OK, Ok maybe we are being a little over the top here.

But, Its Only $9.99 ( Limited Stock 500 Left )

The P-38 (aka "John Wayne") was designed during WWII to open C-Rations cans. In addition to opening cans, it's a flat-blade screwdriver and a bottle opener.

It's been adopted by outdoorsmen, survivalists, hikers, campers, scouts, EDC enthusiasts (i.e., "Every Day Carry" - people who want to be prepared for anything), preppers, and probably a number of other groups.

P-38s are small enough to be carried on a keychain or even in your wallet (in the case of "Slim Line" credit card style models). They're also great for camping, boating, hunting, etc.

Even if you don't end up using it for its original purpose, it's still a great multi-purpose pocket tool.

Many people consider them to be an "EDC essential" along the lines of a pocket knife or flashlight.

Each P-38 is made from high quality steel. They are designed to last a lifetime.

Here are 43 reasons that I carry my P-38 every day:

  • can opener (duh!)
  • all-purpose toothpick
  • fingernail cleaner
  • splinter remover
  • flat-head screwdriver – use one of the ends
  • phillips-head screwdriver – use one of the corners
  • bottle opener
  • box cutter
  • letter opener
  • chisel
  • stirrer
  • neck slasher (women used to carry to use in case of attack)
  • seam ripper
  • cut fishing line
  • open paint cans
  • window scraper
  • scrape around floor corners
  • digging
  • clean out groove on Tupperware lids
  • reach in and clean out small cracks
  • scrape around edge of boots
  • {in the field} gut fish
  • {in the field} scale fish
  • test for “doneness” when baking on a camp fire
  • prying items
  • strip wire
  • scrape pans in the field
  • lift key on flip top cans
  • barter
  • marking tool
  • deflating tires
  • measurement
  • striking flint
  • puncturing plastic coating
  • knocking on doors
  • Morse Code
  • write emergency messages
  • scratch an itch
  • save as a souvenir
  • rip off rank for on the spot promotion
  • carburetor repair tool
  • bee sting removal tool (scrape off w/ blade)
  • knife sharpener
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