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Beautiful Day Hikes In Michigan For Fall Colors

The fall season is one of my favorite times to go hiking. In Michigan, this time of year offers a wide variety of beautiful places to explore on foot through the changing landscapes and foliage. Hiking in Michigan can offer a lot more than simply going for a walk in the woods; these hikes allow you to take in the sights and enjoy fresh air as well as exercise your body and mind.

While there are countless places to hike, below you will find ten great locations throughout Michigan that offer beauty during the autumn season!

1. Hoeft State Park 

This park is located in Rogers City and offers trails surrounded by the beautiful scenery of the Lake Huron shoreline, especially during fall season when the foliage is changing colors. With 5 miles worth of trails available as well as rentals for canoes and kayaks, this is a great place to pack a picnic and spend an afternoon with friends or family.

2. Paint Creek Trail 

This trail spans 9 miles from Milford all the way up north to Highland Road near Wolverine Lake. The hike has two different loops: one is 1 mile, and the other is 6 miles. The shorter one weaves through wood areas; while the longer loop traverses the trail while also going through a park and an arboretum. Each trail offers different scenery, but both trails provide access to bike rentals and offer views of the water and foliage during autumn.

3. Van Riper State Park 


This state park is located in Two Rivers, MI just off of M-13. The hiking trails here are 1 mile long each and take you by beautiful scenery such as swamps and marshes with different types of trees surrounding you such as birch, cedar, white pine, maple, oak and black cherry trees. With two parking lots available by the entrance for hikers to use, be aware that these trails can get rather muddy so check conditions before venturing out!

4. Bald Mountain Recreation Area 

This park is located in Onaway, MI and offers three different trails to hike. The first is a half-mile trail that loops around the Sugarloaf ski hill with various tree species surrounding you including spruce, white pine, maple and birch. Along this trail, visitors can witness the forest fires of 1988 which left some areas barren due to its sheer intensity and size (approximately 3980 acres). The second trail at Bald Mountain is 3/4 mile long and will take hikers through a swampy area filled with cedar trees; while the third trail will provide views of Lake Huron from atop of Bald Mountain (elevation: 662 feet) as hikers travel 1.1 miles one way.

5. River Bends Park 

This park spans over 200 acres of land and includes an arboretum and nature center near Rochester Hills. With more than 14 miles worth of hiking trails for you to explore, these paths will take you by pine trees and various types of plants and shrubs such as mayapples, violets and a butterfly garden. During autumn, the foliage changes colors allowing you to take in the beauty of Mother Nature with each step!

6. Henry Ford Estate 

If history and nature are for you, this is the perfect place to go hiking during fall season. Located in Dearborn, this estate spans over 980 acres of land that was originally owned by Henry Ford back when he resided in Michigan. What makes this place extra special is that it has been untouched since Ford's death meaning many different types of trees have grown including sugar maple, American beech, white ash and tulips poplar trees. This historic site also houses a nature center open from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; so grab your walking shoes and hit the trail!

7. Milford Mill 

 This park is located near Milford and offers a trail 3 miles long that loops around the millpond and goes by various different habitats such as swamps, wetlands, prairie lands and woodland areas. With more than 40 types of bird species including herons and warblers calling this path home, you will be able to watch many animals roam freely along with the foliage changing colors every step of the way!

In Conclusion, Michigan in the fall is beyond beautiful. The summer heat subsides, and leaves turn colors when all of Michigan's vast amount of state parks burst with nature's beauty. Fall hikes are not only fun for people to do, but they help reduce stress levels in people by getting them out in nature during all four seasons in Michigan. This article will give you a few places to hike around the state in the fall so you can experience hiking in Michigan.


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